Green Field Grab

Recently, the Bill Quay Residents Group invited the Gateshead Green Party to support them with their campaign. Two local Greens and myself attended a public meeting there and expressed Green support. I attended two Gateshead Planning Committee Meetings in support of the local
residents as well.

It is worrying that Gateshead Council Planning Committee have agreed that 30 executive houses can be built on green fields at Bill Quay when they already have 10 years supply of housing land in the Borough!!! This land is not zoned for housing in their 20 year Plan.
Not only that, but for years they have zoned the site as part of our Wildlife Corridor. Only this week deer grazed on the land.
Of even more concern is that 8 of the Councillors either did not bother to attend or did not vote. So this wild life haven is lost to bricks & mortar by a small margin of 8 votes to 5 with 1 abstention.

We deserve better councillors who will protect the limited supply of land on our small island.

Andy Blanchflower,
Gateshead Green Party.