Our Past Local Candidates

Gateshead Green Party were proud to field these candidates in the last election

Andy Redfern

Andy Redfern has been involved in Green politics for 10 years in the North East of England. He stood as the Green Party candidate for Gateshead in the 2010 and 2015 General Election. His passion is to fight for justice for the poor and the marginalised in the UK and around the world. He was International Director for Team Valley-based fair trade company Traidcraft plc for 8 years and a founder director of Ethical Superstore. He is an experienced online and offline campaigner, and supported the Green Party nationally in creating the http://www.canivotegreen.com/ website for the Euro Elections 2014.He is a keen supporter of sustainable transport and was a founder director of the innovative Valley Links Community Interest Company that has successfully campaigned for better transport links to and from Team Valley. He is married with five children and live in Lobley Hill, Gateshead.

Andy says:
I am standing for the Green Party in Gateshead in 2017 because I believe that we can make a genuine difference to the lives of ordinary people. Austerity has hit people in Gateshead badly. Swingeing council cuts as central government has withheld funding mean that people pay more for less services. Access to the NHS has been made harder as waiting times and waiting lists have increased. The local transport system is now more monopolised than when it was run by local councils. Job losses have hit the area hard, and the new jobs being created are low paid with minimal job security, often on low or zero hour contacts. And for those in work, who has seen a pay rise recently?
The Green Party will make a difference and I want to be part of that solution. We will renationalise the railways and look to overhaul how public transport is run across the country. We will invest in public services and turn around the privatisation of the NHS. Neither Labour nor the Tories can offer the poor, the marginalised, the low paid, the sick or those with disabilities anything other than more of the same. I don’t want to live in country where the universal safety net of welfare and medical treatment has more holes than it has netting. I am proud to be Green working with both people and planet.



Paul McNally


Born in Jarrow, Paul McNally has lived in the Derwent Valley Area for over 25 years. He is a professional Architectural Technologist and Designer and have worked with many local Practices over the last two decades, and qualified as a teacher in the Life long learning Sector. His expertise in these areas, and the focus of his work is in sustainable construction and technologies. His career to date has been molded with a philosophy – a belief in responsible, sustainable and environmentally conscious practice and I continue to adopt these principles within my work and teaching.

Paul says:

I was born in the North East and have lived in the Blaydon area for 25 years, raising a family of two. My profession is Architecture, with a focus on sustainable development. As a passionate campaigner for the environment and our natural heritage, I’m aware of the pressures placed upon our green spaces, the needs of residents and the quality of life that consideration for both can offer. We witness the rapid decline in health care for both the young and the elderly, the dismantling of our NHS and community facilities. Why are these vital ingredients of our society always the target for dissolution? Public transport is an important issue for local people, and a vital element in tackling pollution and climate change. Only a party with genuine social and environmental responsibility will have the vision to create an efficient, integrated and affordable transport network. Only the Green Party, I believe, has the compassion, the moral integrity and the vision to construct, nurture and maintain these vital environmental and communal resources.


David Herbert
David says

“It’s great to have the chance to tell people about the green opportunities presented by Brexit and the chance to really take back control for everyone’s benefit. For a safe environment with clean air to breathe, decent affordable housing and people earning enough to feed their family. The jobs of the future are in renewable and sustainable industries such as electric vehicles, solar and wind energy. Jarrow is in a great position to take advantage of these opportunities but only if our political leaders take up the challenge”