Local Election Candidates

We are proud to once again offer the chance for most residents of Gateshead to vote Green. Here’s our list of candidates:

Birtley – Tony Dodds

Blaydon – Simon David Murray Easton

Bridges – Rachel Eileen Shaw

Chopwell and Rowlands Gill – Dave Castleton

Chowdene – Alexander Taylor

Crawcrook and Greenside – Ralf Russow

Deckham – Gary Brooks

Dunston and Teams – Andy Blanchflower

Dunston and Whickham East – Mary Blanchflower

Lobley Hill and Bensham – Andy Redfern

Low Fell – Ruth Christina Grant

Ryton Crookhill and Stella – Carol Maize

Saltwell – Rachel Llewellyn

Wardley and Leam Lane – Stephen Watson

Winlaton and High Spen – Paul Martin McNally

Budget 2016

Green Party 2016 Budget Response


The budget today is a great disappointment for all of us who want to see a more environmentally sustainable and equal society.
The chancellor has missed numerous opportunities to improve the future of the U.K. These mistakes include:
Not raising fuel duty. We are currently experiencing a dramatic decrease in the price of fuel. Now is the time to raise fuel duty to increase revenue. Even just a 10p increase would raise over £5 billion a year which could pay for significantly improvements in public transport.
Increasing ISAs and other savings schemes to much higher levels. These simply don’t benefit the vast majority of people who don’t have the money to save, never mind £20000 a year.
Further cuts in corporation tax to 17%. We were already competitive with 18%, as were with 20%. Similar countries like Germany, the US and others tax corporation profits at rates up to 35% so there is simply no need to reduce the level this low.
Massive cuts in taxes on fossil fuel companies. We shouldn’t be cutting fossil fuel taxes as we raise taxes on environmentally friendly products and cut subsidies for renewable energy.

However, there are some positives including:
Increasing flood defence spending by £700 million We would support further spending where needed.
Measures to tackle tax dodging. However, these do not go far enough and are unlikely to raise the £12 billion Osborne claims.
Increase in tax free personal allowance. We welcome this and hope the allowance will continue to increase.

Overall, while there are some good things in this budget, it is a disappointment and continues to lead this country in the wrong direction.


Over the next year we plan to continue the growth experienced in 2015. Please join the party and attend one of our Green Drinks or Business Meetings to get involved.


11th January – Business Meeting

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7th March – Business Meeting

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12th December – Christmas Social

Devolution – Press Release

Green Party condemns ‘paltry’ devolution deals for North East

The North East Green Party has condemned the governments newly announced devolution deals for the North East as ‘paltry’ and ‘undemocratic’. The party say they want much greater devolution for local communities instead.
The current plan involves 2 directly elected mayors for the North East Combined Authority and the Tees Valley Combined Authority in 2017. New powers are being given to these organisations over areas such as transport and investment. They are made up of leaders of councils who have been elected by their fellow Labour councilors.
North East Green Party Coordinator Shirley Ford said “This plan goes against the democratic will of the people of the North East who rejected devolution in 2004 by over 75%. This deal includes only £45 million extra funding a year in return for the democratic deficit to grow even further as we allow unaccountable individuals to have even more power.”
She continued “This is just another attempt by the Conservative government to pretend it is giving power to local people. George Osborne knows his Northern Powerhouse project has failed and he’s now attempting to save face. These deals are his attempt to inflict the worst parts of London upon us such as pollution, lack of space and pricing out those on low incomes from our cities.”
The Party said they instead want to see referendums on greater powers for the region.
South Heaton candidate Andrew Gray said “We want the people of the North East to have the right to choose how their government is shaped and ensure that all voices are represented, not just a small group of leaders. These powers could include being able to abolish the bedroom tax, joining up health and social care, rent controls for private housing and the ability to levy taxes on out of town supermarkets. Last week’s paltry deals offer none of these things.”

Local Election and General Election 2015 – Results!

As you know the Gateshead Green Party stood candidates in all 22 wards and 3 constituencies this year.

On the night of Thursday May 7th, a number of our candidates gathered at Gateshead Leisure Center for the count!

Our group of local and general candidates.

Our group of local and general candidates.

Here is how they did:

Ward Candidate No. of Votes % of Vote Ranking
Birtley Tony Dodds 178 4.7 4th
Blaydon Lynn Young 446 10.5 3rd
Bridges Katy Robinson 342 10.1 4th
Chopwell and Rowlands Gill Dave Castleton 572 11.9 3rd
Chowdene Ben Dodds 145 3.3 5th
Crawcrook and Greenside Ralf Russow 308 7.6 4th
Deckham Gary Brooks 198 5.3 5th
Dunston and Teams Andy Blanchflower 208 6.3 4th
Dunston Hill and Wickham East Mary Blanchflower 204 4.4 4th
Felling Becca Swainston 105 3.3 5th
High Fell Nicholas Boldrini 106 3.1 5th
Lamesley Rachel Eileen Shaw 168 3.8 5th
Lobley Hill and Bensham Andy Redfern 248 6.3 4th
Low Fell Ruth Grant 221 4.3 5th
Pelaw & Heworth Chris Thomas 203 5.0 4th
Ryton Crookhill and Stella Sarah McKeown 270 5.6 5th
Saltwell Rachel Mary Taylor 314 9.5 4th
Wardley and Leam Lane Stephen Watson 380 9.9 3rd
Whickham North Carol Ann Maize 117 2.7 5th
Whickham South and Sunniside Hannah Blanchflower 109 2.3 5th
Windy Nook and Whitehills James Knox 156 3.6 5th
Winlaton and High Spen Paul McNally 242 5.3 5th