Over the next year we plan to continue the growth experienced in 2015. Please join the party and attend one of our Green Drinks or Business Meetings to get involved.


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Devolution – Press Release

Green Party condemns ‘paltry’ devolution deals for North East

The North East Green Party has condemned the governments newly announced devolution deals for the North East as ‘paltry’ and ‘undemocratic’. The party say they want much greater devolution for local communities instead.
The current plan involves 2 directly elected mayors for the North East Combined Authority and the Tees Valley Combined Authority in 2017. New powers are being given to these organisations over areas such as transport and investment. They are made up of leaders of councils who have been elected by their fellow Labour councilors.
North East Green Party Coordinator Shirley Ford said “This plan goes against the democratic will of the people of the North East who rejected devolution in 2004 by over 75%. This deal includes only £45 million extra funding a year in return for the democratic deficit to grow even further as we allow unaccountable individuals to have even more power.”
She continued “This is just another attempt by the Conservative government to pretend it is giving power to local people. George Osborne knows his Northern Powerhouse project has failed and he’s now attempting to save face. These deals are his attempt to inflict the worst parts of London upon us such as pollution, lack of space and pricing out those on low incomes from our cities.”
The Party said they instead want to see referendums on greater powers for the region.
South Heaton candidate Andrew Gray said “We want the people of the North East to have the right to choose how their government is shaped and ensure that all voices are represented, not just a small group of leaders. These powers could include being able to abolish the bedroom tax, joining up health and social care, rent controls for private housing and the ability to levy taxes on out of town supermarkets. Last week’s paltry deals offer none of these things.”

Local Election and General Election 2015 – Results!

As you know the Gateshead Green Party stood candidates in all 22 wards and 3 constituencies this year.

On the night of Thursday May 7th, a number of our candidates gathered at Gateshead Leisure Center for the count!

Our group of local and general candidates.

Our group of local and general candidates.

Here is how they did:

Ward Candidate No. of Votes % of Vote Ranking
Birtley Tony Dodds 178 4.7 4th
Blaydon Lynn Young 446 10.5 3rd
Bridges Katy Robinson 342 10.1 4th
Chopwell and Rowlands Gill Dave Castleton 572 11.9 3rd
Chowdene Ben Dodds 145 3.3 5th
Crawcrook and Greenside Ralf Russow 308 7.6 4th
Deckham Gary Brooks 198 5.3 5th
Dunston and Teams Andy Blanchflower 208 6.3 4th
Dunston Hill and Wickham East Mary Blanchflower 204 4.4 4th
Felling Becca Swainston 105 3.3 5th
High Fell Nicholas Boldrini 106 3.1 5th
Lamesley Rachel Eileen Shaw 168 3.8 5th
Lobley Hill and Bensham Andy Redfern 248 6.3 4th
Low Fell Ruth Grant 221 4.3 5th
Pelaw & Heworth Chris Thomas 203 5.0 4th
Ryton Crookhill and Stella Sarah McKeown 270 5.6 5th
Saltwell Rachel Mary Taylor 314 9.5 4th
Wardley and Leam Lane Stephen Watson 380 9.9 3rd
Whickham North Carol Ann Maize 117 2.7 5th
Whickham South and Sunniside Hannah Blanchflower 109 2.3 5th
Windy Nook and Whitehills James Knox 156 3.6 5th
Winlaton and High Spen Paul McNally 242 5.3 5th


Local Election and General Election 2015

Taking our message to the streets of Blaydon

Taking our message to the streets of Blaydon

For the first time The Green Party is standing in all 22 wards and all three constituencies.

We have not been able to deliver a leaflet to every house in the borough – although we wish we had the resources of the other parties, we believe it is much better to free from the ties of big business and rich benefactors. So we have delivered thousands of leaflets funded by our local members.

If we didn’t get to you, that you can read our local leaflets here:

NB You will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader to open these.

Gateshead Greens give everyone the chance to vote green for first time


For the first time in its history, the Gateshead Green Party is offering every Gateshead resident the opportunity to vote Green – in both the Local and General Elections. As nominations closed for the May 7th election yesterday, Andy Blanchflower, Gateshead Green Party Coordinator confirmed that nominations had been accepted for all the Green Party candidates.

Andy Blanchflower commented “Last year we stood in 8 wards, but for the May 7th Elections we will have candidates in all 22 wards of Gateshead. The “Green Surge” has meant that local Party membership has increased by more than five times in the last six months.”

The candidates are local people from all backgrounds and age groups. They range from pension age down to Hannah Blanchflower who was just 20 years old this week. The Green Party is well placed to represent everyone who cares about people and cares about the world around them.

The Gateshead Green Party is also please to confirm that all Gateshead residents will be able to vote for a Green MP too. Andy Redfern is standing in Gateshead itself. In the west and south of the Borough, Paul McNally is standing in Blaydon Constituency. In the east of Gateshead, David Herbert is the Jarrow Candidate.

A full list of the local election candidate for Gateshead Borough Council follows:

Birtley – Tony Dodds

Blaydon – Lynn Young,

Bridges – Katy Robinson

Chopwell & Rowlands Gill – David Castleton

Chowdene- Ben Dodds

Crawcrook & Greenside- Ralf Russow

Deckham – Gary Brooks

Dunston & Teams – Andy Blanchflower

Dunston Hill & Whickham East – Mary Blanchflower

Felling – Rececca Swainston

High Fell – Nick Boldrini

Lamesley – Rachel Shaw

Lobley Hill & Bensham – Andy Redfern

Low Fell – Ruth Grant

Pelaw & Heworth – Chris Thomas

Ryton, Crookhill & Stella – Sarah McKeown

Saltwell – Rachel Taylor

Wardley & Leam Lane – Stephen Watson

Whickham North – Carol Maize

Whickham South & Sunniside – Hannah Blanchflower

Windy Nook & Whitehills – James Knox

Winlaton & High Spen – Paul McNally


Please contact Andy Blanchflower for further information on this story.
Mobile: 07906173139                                      Email :

Gateshead Greens remain opposed to local greenbelt destruction

Gateshead Council today voted to approve the Newcastle/Gateshead One Core Strategy – basically a 20-year land use plan that gives the green light to building on greenbelt land across the Borough. Despite widespread objections to the plan it was passed by 34 votes in favour, to 9 votes against.

The Green Party has been at forefront of the campaign to stop the plan and local activists are disappointed at the news. Local party organiser and lead local campaigner Andy Blanchflower commented:
Since November 2011 I have led the Save Dunston Hill Campaign to prevent unnecessary house building on our green belt.
We held a public meeting, leafleted thousands of local homes twice, had a stall at village summer fairs and in July 2013 presented a 4,102 signature Petition to the Council etc. etc.    At the Examination In Public last June I appeared for 14 days for up to 9 hours daily, sometimes speaking as well for other areas of Newcastle/Gateshead on behalf of Cities4People.  I have worked hundreds and hundreds of hours in defence of our countryside.
There is plenty of urban land on Tyneside for the projected population changes.  However the Planning Inspector who sat last June, has incomprehensively rejected urban Gateshead sites that the Council plan to leave empty!!  Instead he has approved 8 green belt sites all over the Borough for house building and one for industry.
The Labour Council have today sided with the rich mega property developers, rather than continue to give many Gateshead residents easy access to the open countryside.  Wild life will be destroyed, and land used for growing our food will be built upon.

Andy Redfern, prospective parliamentary candidate for Gateshead, added “It is very disappointing that only 34 of the 55 Labour members were able to attend – just a 62% attendance. I wonder how many of the missing members will claim they never supported the proposal in future years?”

Paul McNally, prospective parliamentary candidate for Blaydon, commented “This is a council decision that will directly affect the lives of thousands of Newcastle and Gateshead residents, especially those who live near the Green Belt sites. Electors are asking us about our policy on this, which is best summed up as “BROWNFIELD FIRST”. There is so much old industrial and underused land that could be used before we build on the Greenbelt.”
Please contact Andy Blanchflower for further information on this story.
Mobile: 07906173139                                      Email :

Gateshead Greens to Field Two Candidates at General Election

Monday February 16th 2015: For immediate release

The Green Party in Gateshead is pleased to announce it will be fielding candidates in the Blaydon and Gateshead constituencies in the upcoming General Election. The announcement comes at a time when Green Party membership in Gateshead, the North East and nationally, is at an all time. Characterised as a Green Surge, the Green Party at the national membership at a national level is now 48,476(1) ahead of UKIP and the Liberal Democrats.

The Gateshead Green Party announced that Andy Redfern would stand in Gateshead and Paul McNally would stand in Blaydon.

photo 4Paul McNally, the PPC for Blaydon, was born in Jarrow and has lived in the Derwent Valley area for 25 years and is a professional Architectural Technologist and Designer(2). Commenting on in candidature he said “My driving passion has always been the protection and conservation of our natural heritage, global environmental issues and animal welfare. I have campaigned over the years on many welfare and environmental issues, as the nation has been subjected to a Government with an apathetic, sinister and destructive attitude towards our environment. The Green Party, I believe, is the only ethically minded party which will uphold the essential values, compassion and genuine social responsibility required to form a moral foundation for honest Government.”

252842_10150274768119924_1915489_nAndy Redfern, the PPC for Gateshead, has lived in Gateshead for 19 years. He is former director of fair trade company Traidcraft and a co-founder of the Follingsby Park-based Ethical Superstore (3). “I am standing for the Green Party in Gateshead in 2015 because I believe that we can make a genuine difference to the lives of ordinary people. Austerity has hit people in Gateshead badly. Swingeing council cuts as central government has withheld funding mean that people pay more for less services. Access to the NHS has been made harder as waiting times and waiting lists have increased. The local transport system is now more monopolised than when it was run by local councils. Job losses have hit the area hard, and the new jobs being created are low paid with minimal job security, often on low or zero hour contacts. And for those in work, who has seen a pay rise recently?”

Andy Redfern stood as the Green Party candidate for Gateshead in 2010 and both candidates have stood in local elections for Gateshead Council in previous years.

The Gateshead Green Party co-ordinator Andy Blanchflower commented “We are delighted to be fielding candidates in both Gateshead constituencies this time. We know from our campaigning that local people want to vote green and now they can wherever in Gateshead they live”.

The recent Green Surge means that the Green Party nationally is likely to field candidates in more than 75% of the constituencies nationwide.

For further information and interviews:
Andy Blanchflower – 07906 173139

Editors notes
(1) Green Party membership at 4pm on 16th January 2015. This the combined membership of the Green Party of England and Wales, the Scottish Green Party and the Green Party of Northern Ireland.

(2) Background information on Paul McNally:
Born in Jarrow, he has lived in the Derwent Valley Area for over 25 years. He is a professional Architectural Technologist and Designer and have worked with many local Practices over the last two decades, and qualified as a teacher in the Life long learning Sector. His expertise in these areas, and the focus of his work is in sustainable construction and technologies. His career to date has been moulded with a philosophy – a belief in responsible, sustainable and environmentally conscious practice and I continue to adopt these principles within my work and teaching.

(3) Background information on Andy Redfern:
He has been involved in Green politics for 7 years in the North East of England. He stood as the Green Party candidate for Gateshead in the 2010 General Election. His passion is to fight for justice for the poor and the marginalised in the UK and around the world. He was International Director for Team Valley-based fair trade company Traidcraft plc for 8 years and a founder director of Ethical Superstore. He is an experienced online and offline campaigner, and supported the Green Party nationally in creating the website for the Euro Elections 2014. He is a keen supporter of sustainable transport and was a founder director of the innovative Valley Links Community Interest Company that has successfully campaigned for better transport links to and from Team Valley. He is married with five children and live in Lobley Hill, Gateshead.

(4) Contacting the Green Party in Gateshead via:

Phone: Andy Blanchflower 07906 173139


Twitter: @gatesheadgreens


Gateshead Green Party joins call for a £10 minimum wage for all


Gateshead Green Party believes:

  • Minimum wage should be raised to Living Wage levels immediately
  • Urgent action is needed to address persistent inequality and poverty

The Gateshead Green Party has joined the Green Party nationally in calling for the statutory minimum wage to be immediately lifted to Living Wage levels and for a £10 per hour minimum wage for all by 2020.
The Green Party, the only party committed to delivering real change for the common good, believes every worker over 16 should be paid at least the minimum wage and would abolish the age-based differential rates currently in place.

Raising the minimum wage to living wage levels would benefit an estimated 5.2million people – 17% of the working population – and usher in a fairer society where fewer workers are trapped in poverty pay conditions.

The new policy pledges will appear in the Green Party’s 2015 General Election Manifesto alongside other measures designed to address persistent inequality and poverty. The Green Party is calling for a Wealth Tax on the top 1%  and company-wide pay ratios.

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party calls for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all.

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party calls for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all.

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett said:

“Under our plan no-one would be paid less than £10 an hour in 2020. It is a scandal that under the Coalition government the number of workers earning less than the Living Wage has risen by a staggering 50% from 3.4million in 2011 to 5.2million today. It makes a mockery of Prime Minister David Cameron’s 2010 statement that a Living Wage is ‘an idea whose time has come.’”

“The fact that the Green Party are consistently polling at some of our best numbers since 1989 goes to show that our message of the need to reshape our politics and economy to work for the common good is really hitting home.

“It is our policies such as making the minimum wage a Living Wage, a Wealth Tax on the top 1%, renationalising our railways and having a publicly owned and run NHS that are both encouraging people to join as members (5) and vote Green in growing numbers.”


Will you pledge to vote Green at the General Election?

pledge1With 12 weeks to go until the General Election, and the Greens continuing to perform better than ever in the polls, a new website has been launched to enable supporters to pledge their vote to the Green Party.

The site, which gives members details of their local candidates, as well as linking people to their nearest ‘target’ constituency, will allow thousands of new Green Party members to get involved for the first time.

The membership of the Green Party of England and Wales has increased by 214% since May 2014. Currently there are over 53,000 members.

Members and supporters can pledge their support at

The ongoing membership surge and latest polling further calls into question Ofcom’s initial view that the Green Party is not a ‘major party’.

pledge2Andy Redfern, the Green Party candidate for Gateshead said:

“This is fantastic new tool allows everyone in country and especially in Gateshead and Blaydon to get involved with the party for the first time.

We’re going to be standing more candidates than ever at this election but, as a party without financial support from big business or vested interests, we rely on our members to spread the word about our popular policies.”