A message from Rachel Cabral

Dear Resident,

My name is Rachel Cabral and I am delighted to have been chosen as the Green Party candidate for Bridges in the Council election on Thursday 2 May. Greens have quadrupled the number of councillors across the country in the last few years and we have a very good chance of getting our first councillor elected onto Gateshead Council this May in your ward of Bridges. Having even one single independent green voice on a council can make a difference, change perspectives and challenge the status quo.

A bit about me. I have lived in central Gateshead for nearly forty years while working in the Civil Service, starting a business and bringing up my family. My children all went to local schools and I served as a school governor for 8 years where I proved myself to be an assertive and caring advocate for pupils, parents and staff. For the last ten years I have lived in Bensham.

I share the urban issues that we all experience – fly tipping, car crime, domestic burglaries, anti-social behaviour, erratic public transport provision and, most recently, the closure of Gateshead Leisure Centre. I have also visited and supported the many positive community driven initiatives like the Gateshead foodbank, the Kittiwake trust, community football clubs and the Comfrey project that show what can be achieved in our vibrant and diverse community.

As well as my experience of working with Gateshead Council as a school Governor, my career in the Civil Service gave me experience of managing large teams and complex issues and I saw, first-hand, the importance of providing excellent public services. Since taking early retirement, I have started a small cafe in the Grainger Market which has given me a vital insight into the issues faced by small businesses and the practical help they need from local and central government.

Campaigning within the Bridges ward and talking to people on the doorstep, in community organisations and small businesses, I have had an opportunity to learn even more about our community and the priorities of people within the ward. Those issues include the stalled development of Gateshead Town Centre and Baltic Quays, the deterioration of housing and the rubbish on our streets. I would love the opportunity to serve you to address those issues and help to make Bridges the best and safest place to live.

Our doorstep surveys have shown us that only Greens or Labour can win in Bridges and I hope that you will consider giving me your vote on Thursday 2 May 2024.

Thank you for reading

Rachel Cabral
Candidate for the Green Party, Bridges Ward