We believe the politics of the future doesn’t have to look like the politics of the past – something that’s represented not only through our policies but in the way they are developed.

  • We aim to create a just, equitable and sustainable society. We focus our efforts primarily, though not exclusively, through the electoral system.
  • Our members come from all walks of life; most of them are not professional politicians, but each of them can have a voice in how our policies are written, updated and amended.
  • Uniquely, the Green Party of England & Wales is wholly democratic.
    Our policy is developed by ordinary members, not just the leadership, and passed at conference to which every member is invited so you can directly affect our policies by becoming a member.
  • We believe that by ensuring each individual voice is heard and listened to, we can achieve our goal of building a society and political system that works for the common good.

You can see our long-term policies, which informed our 2015 General Election manifesto by clicking here.

At The Green Party Gateshead we try our best to make sure we have a candidate to represent you every general and local election. This year Theresa May has called an unprecedented snap election, we The Greens see this as a fantastic opportunity to make sure your voice is heard, listened to and respected. To find out about who is standing in your local area click here.

Are you registered?

You can follow this link to ensure you are ready for this coming election.

Where to Vote?

You should receive a polling card through the post that will tell you where your nearest polling station is. You may also find this link helpful. If you have lost or misplaced your polling card you can contact your local council.

How to vote?

Not quite sure the ways available to vote? Follow this link for some useful information.