Past Elections 2017

The Green Party Gateshead was pleased stand in this election, in our Borough.

    • In Gateshead – We stood Andy Redfern.
    • In Blaydon – We stood Paul McNally.
    • In Jarrow – We stood David Herbert.

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  • Too many of us in Gateshead struggle to make ends meet until our next pay cheque.
  • Local newsagents tell us that business is terrible.
  • Short distance bus fares are far too high!
  • Most of our young people may never be able to afford to buy a home of their own.
  • The Party campaigned for over 3 years for new homes to be built on brownfield land. However the council and mega-builders have been granted permission by the Planning Inspector to build on what was our Green Belt.

We want to stand up for you, for the things that matter to you, so support the Greens in future elections for a better Gateshead!

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