Tories target North East for savage cuts

So at last the truth is out. All three old parties have talked about post election cuts but no one has been willing to say where they will fall. The Tory leader David Cameron left us no doubt yesterday during his interview with Paxman where those cuts would fall first – right here in the North East.

I guess it should come  as no surprise given the Tories are not set to win any more seats in the North East that they should start their programme of cuts right here. So far from investing to support and develop the most disadvantaged of the English regions, the Tories look set to cut its support first. Far away from London and so far away from being a Tory priority.

More than 48% of workers in the North East work in jobs which are funded by the state. Surely this is the time to invest rather than cut back? It now looks like only the Green Party is left to protect jobs and boost local services in the North East of England. Stimulating the private sector won’t happen if we first decimate the public sector.

Vote Tory – more like Vote P45 is you live in the North East and work in public sector.

If you want read more about what Cameron said checkout the Guardian lead story.