Green Party Gateshead Election appeal

Help us make a difference

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us through this unprecedented campaign, unfortunately we were not able to raise our full target but we will keep fighting the good fight!

In the run up to Election day on June 8th, the Green Party ran its boldest, most targeted campaign ever across the UK. As part of this national campaign, we stood two candidates locally: one in the Gateshead constituency and one in the Blaydon constituency.

We didn’t expect to win (this time!) but we want to give as many people in Gateshead and Blaydon as possible the opportunity to support our policies and a better way of doing things by voting Green.

 The Green Party does not receive donations from big business or the super rich, we depend on contributions from people like you. If you would still like to donate funds to support the local party, £5 would be great, £10 would be great too, £50 or more would help us support local efforts even more, please contact us here.

Please donate here:

Gateshead Green Party Crowdfunder